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Carpet Color Restoration

We specialize in spot dyeing, area dyeing and full Carpet Color Restoration. Servicing commercial and residential customers in Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice Fl.

With over 20 years experience in Carpet Color Restoration. You can feel confident in knowing we are experts!

Some of the most popular problems we are called to fix include…

  • “The housekeeper dripped bleach across my carpet”
  • “When the house was pressure cleaned someone walked in the bleach water then onto the carpet”
  • “I used bleach to clean a stain out of the carpet and it removed the color”
  • “A cleaning product was used that took the color out of the carpet.”
  • “Urine from the dog lightened or discolored the carpet”
  • “The sun has faded the carpet by the sliding glass door”

The good news is “Yes” in 98% of these cases we can fix your carpet at a reasonable price! Color Restoration to your Carpet can save you as much as 80% compared to buying new carpet!

We will inspect the problem area first to determine the degree of damage, then with your approval we will either proceed to do the necessary work or if a special color mix is required we will make an appointment to do the actual dye work.